how to successfully pair food and wine

Author: Mary Merlot

Food and Wine SocietyWhen it comes to successfully pairing food and wine together, there are very few combinations that are truly terrible. At the Food and Wine Society, we find that in the vast majority of food and wine pairings, the wine and the food don’t affect each other very much. Instead, they coexist peacefully, although usually without much enthusiasm.

Wine Clubs That Supply Food Pairing AdviceIn a small percentage of matches, the red wine or white wine and the food accentuate the flavors in each other, and both the food and the wine taste better as a result. Knowing which wines and foods go together best has become much easier thanks to all the wine clubs that supply food pairing notes with the wines they send you every month or quarter.

food and wine pairing tips

Author: Mary Merlot

Food and Wine ClubTip #1: Never put strong and delicate together. Pairing a big, powerful, high-tannin or high-alcohol wine with a light, delicate dish (and vice versa) is never a smart idea.

When it comes to wines you'll find in a wine club, acidity is your best friend. Highly acid wines are the best for matching rich, creamy or cheesy sauces, deep-fried foods or fish dishes. Likewise, tart wines go best with tart foods, such as a vinaigrette salad dressing.

Tip #2: The tannins in wine go really well with fatty dishes. That’s because the astringency of the tannins cuts through the viscosity of the fat in the dish. Some of the best wine clubs are those that ship highly acid wines just like these.

wine gifts the wine and food society recommends

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Red Wine WineryThose who may be looking for wine gifts this year will be pleasantly surprised to see that there a ton of new options not available in previous years. Now you can choose from one of the many wine clubs available or go the easy route and purchase a wine gift basket which includes wine, cheese, chocolate and all sorts of other things.

wine club Promo codes

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Pairing Your Wine With FoodIf you do choose to give the gift of a wine club this year, be sure to use one of the many wine club promo codes available online to save even more. Here's a quick list of some of the more popular wine club coupon codes:

- California Wine Club Coupon Codes
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These wine clubs usually come with free wine gifts too.